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About Us

About us

DIVA – Creativity beyond Limits

Since its inception in 1992, DIVA is known for making high quality designer hats and bringing out new styles in the fashion industry. DIVA’s premier designer, Irina Deynega maintains that a hat is more than a mere accessory; it reflects a person’s individual style to a significant level.
In 1999, the company started venturing into the International Arena. Gradually DIVA became a constant participant in world’s biggest fashion shows on dressing accessories. Today, DIVA is actively involved in renowned fashion shows of New York, Paris, London, Las-Vegas, Toronto, Dusseldorf, Dubai and Moscow.

DIVA’s Hats – Accreditation as Museum Pieces

The company and its talented designer have a passion to support headwear culture around the world. Some of DIVA’s extraordinary hats were displayed in the National Polytechnic Museum, Moscow under the exhibition category of “Technology and Fashion”. DIVA’s outstanding creations were also displayed in the Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts in Moscow. It was termed as “A Soft Touch of Tissue”.
Some of the exceptional DIVA’s hats were also displayed in the State Tretyakov Gallery. After this event the State Historical Museum, Moscow honored an exclusive DIVA hat and showcased it as a Headwear Symbol of Our Times.

Some Hat Collections are True Pieces of Art

Irina Deynega’s collection “Mechanisms” was highly acclaimed at the exhibition “L’univers de Creation” held at The Chateau Le Clos Lucé, which is famous all over the world as the last residence of Leonardo da Vinci and located in Val de Loire, France. Irina’s collection consisted of five hats based on the sketches of the great genius. The extraordinary headwear collection by Deynega symbolized Vinci’s that time futuristic sketches of machines and represented them in form of a helicopter hat, a tank hat, a wing hat, a bridge hat, and a drawing compass hat. The designer managed to turn the revolutionary ideas of the Renaissance scientist into extravagant hats for the fashion-conscious women of the modern world.
Irina Deynega’s participation in the International exhibition “Ideas and Images of Leonardo Da Vinci in the Works of Modern Craftsmen” held under the program “Leonardo’s Code” at Riga, Latvia earned her world-wide recognition and strengthened her position as an accustomed hat designer who knows to combine innovative ideas with artistic hat making and taking creativity to an all new level.
Achievements and Public Relationship
Irina Deynega’s articles have been published in the world famous fashion magazines. DIVA’s collection “Black And White Jazz” was invited in the art exhibition “Artехро” in New-York.
DIVA maintains a resounding social rapport in the fashion world and upholds high degree of interaction with culturally elite personalities such as famous writers, art critics, actors and film directors. This interaction has been a driving force in the enrichment of DIVA’s innovation and creativity.
Irina actively collaborates with eminent fashion designers of the world for making matching hats for collections of fashionable clothing. She also prepares hats for theatrical performances and various national and international shows.

DIVA’s Work Range

  • From styles for special occasions to casual models for everyday wear, DIVA produces a complete range of fashionable hats for ladies residing indifferent life situations and in diverse lifestyles.
  •  DIVA specializes in creating exclusive designer models for special events such as weddings, routs, parties and derby.
  •  DIVA works internationally. DIVA also produces summer and winter collections of ready-to-wear hats that are renewed every year and respond to all the latest trends in fashion. The collections include extravagant hats as well as classical styles. Each collection is edited in small quantities and becomes highly acclaimed by clients.

Why is DIVA Different? 

    •  Style, elegance, quality and comfort are the main characteristics of DIVA hats. DIVA’s style is a combination of classics and latest fashion trends. The designer’s original vision and exclusive approach towards clients make DIVA’s creations unique.
    • DIVA hats exemplify the contemporary concept of hats and represent headwear as a sign of elegance and grace.
    • DIVA takes the choice of materials very seriously and entertains permanent collaboration with suppliers. DIVA uses Sinamay and Parasisal to create summer collections. Winter collection is made with materials such as velour, felt, velvet and high quality natural furs. Having a great experience of work with these materials (almost 30 years) enables DIVA to create the perfect expression of an artistic idea and bring out designs that are striking straightaway.
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