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Hat collection "Mechanisms"

Some Hat Collections are True Pieces of Art

Irina Deynega’s collection “Mechanisms” was highly acclaimed at the exhibition “L’univers de Creation” held at The Chateau Le Clos Lucé, which is famous all over the world as the last residence of Leonardo da Vinci and located in Val de Loire, France. Irina’s collection consisted of five hats based on the sketches of the great genius. The extraordinary headwear collection by Deynega symbolized Vinci’s that time futuristic sketches of machines and represented them in form of a helicopter hat, a tank hat, a wing hat, a bridge hat, and a drawing compass hat. The designer managed to turn the revolutionary ideas of the Renaissance scientist into extravagant hats for the fashion-conscious women of the modern world.
Tank and flying wing hats
Da Vinci - flying machine
Da Vinci - tank
Da Vinci- flying machine (Heicopter)
Helicopter hat