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Care & Clearning

  • We prepare and pack our hats with great care and dedication and expect you to adopt the same kind of attitude towards these hats.
  • Hats made of Fur and Wool-felt should be kept away from moisture. If for any reason a hat gets wet, shake off the excess water and allow the hat to dry completely on a stand in a natural way. While the hat dries,you are required to clean up the fluff by using a brush with firm bristles.
  • Do not dry the hat next to heating elements or under direct sunlight.
  • Clean the hat by using a brush with firm natural bristles only.
  • Do not use the same side of brush on dark and bright colours.
  • Do not use any chemicals to clean the hat.
  • Store the hat in a spacious box and air them out every 4 weeks.
  • If you have any questions, please email us at info@divahats.boutique.com