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Wide brim straw sun visor for women Summer beach Headwear - DivaHats Boutique

Wide brim straw sun visor for women Summer beach Headwear

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Wide brim straw sun hat for women Summer beach Headwear

This beautiful summer hat complements your style as well as protect your face and eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun. Redefine fashion at the beach, pool, park or anywhere outdoors, it’s always a wonderful addition to your outfits. Now say hello to the sunshine with a glorious smile; greet the warmth of the waves or just relax on the sand, it will make your days more special.  Whether you are planning to catch on some warm sun rays or preparing to ride the sea waves, this great accessory will make your beach time a fun time.

High-quality natural straw, breathable and comfortable,  one size with inside adjustable ribbon, suitable for head size of 55-59cm(21.6 -23.2 in.), approximately 4.5 in. brim.

Safe & Quick delivery 

Made and designed in Florida, shipping directly from workshop all over the US and Worldwide. Highest level of attention to packaging, short delivery time. Everything is sent in stiff cardboard boxes, handled with care.

Eco-Friendly material

Raffia fabric is a vegetable fiber that is woven from the leaves of the Raphia Farinifera palm, very large palm from Madagascar and eastern Africa, it grows extremely fast and will produce enormous leaves that can reach an unbelievable 20 m. Raffia fabric is an eco - friendly, biodegradable, durable with natural properties fiber.

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