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Elegant Raffia Fabric Toque Hat

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Elegant Raffia Fabric Toque Hat

This raffia hat dignifies your presence on an affirmative note and emanates a sense of exquisiteness and daintiness. It instills the ambiance around you with a sense of classiness and refinement. Leave your mark wherever you go; the world is yours.

Created using high-quality woven raffia fiber which is so pleasant to touch, has a distinctive sheen and UV protective. Grosgrain ribbon inside for a better posture.

  • 57-59 sizes;
  • Raffia fabric;
  • Bucket shape;
  • Available in a grey color;

If you are interested in a  particular shape but prefer a different color or size,   Just let us know! Every hat is unique and it's a conversation...

Safe & Quick delivery 

Made and designed in Florida, shipping directly from DivaHats workshop all over the US and Worldwide. Highest level of attention to packaging, short delivery time. Everything is sent in stiff cardboard boxes, handled with care.

Eco-Friendly material

Raffia fabric is a vegetable fiber that is woven from the leaves of the Raphia Farinifera palm. It is eco-friendly, biodegradable, durable with natural properties fiber.