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Magical jungle garden

Last weekend I spent time with my friends in their magical jungle garden. There were huge trees hung with the Spanish moss. There were giants pines whose trunks were covered with cacti, that bloom in unusual colors. Only at dusk, unusually fragrant, and die at dawn. There was a small tree with a small red fruit named Miracle fruit. If you eat one of the berries, you can then drink real lemon juice and it would test like sweet lemonade. These small berries neutralize the receptors in your mouth and for the next two hours, everything acquires a sweet taste; even wasabi.
There are many more magical trees and plants in this garden. When I saw the huge green leaves and tall trunks of a banana tree, I sought of the fabrics in my workshop, and it seemed to me, the same sort of magical transformation. The banana trunk turns into the thinnest abacus, which, in combination with silk, has an extraordinary sheen, and becomes very pliable. Abacus hats look like a sculptural composition. Often, hats for special occasions are made from this material. Next time you are planning a visit to Kentucky Derby or another horse racing, wedding or a party, don't forget to pay a visit to our shop. . If you won't be able to find something you like. Feel free to drop us a few lines. We have a very large amount of materials and products in stock at our warehouse. Banana leaves are turned into raffia, which is indispensable for light summer hats. It can be linen, or twisted into a thread, with they knit hats, bags, lampshades and do many other interesting things. The magic dresses in the latest collection of Simone Roche are also made of raffia, those of banana leaves. Isn't it a magical plant!
Here is such a magical garden with my friends.